Centre for Learning & Teaching

The Centre for Learning and Teaching is dedicated to offering support to faculty in all aspects of their professional pedagogic performance. It seeks to encourage and develop innovative approaches to learning and teaching, to researching and disseminating best-practice within all disciplines taught at the university and to introduce faculty members to new technological developments that may be relevant to the delivery of their courses.
It will also assist in the acculturation and nurturing of newer faculty members and assist all faculty to deliver an educational experience that fully engages students, is intellectually challenging, achieves the highest standards of academic excellence, and at the same time offers a rewarding and professionally developmental vehicle for faculty.
The Centre provides a platform for sharing best practice in teaching and learning not only for faculty in Richmond but also with colleagues from other Higher Education Institutions via regular seminars, workshops, and focused training sessions.
Richmond has a primary commitment to being a teaching-intensive institution and is sensitive to, and benefits from, the wide range of cultures within it’s diverse student and faculty body. The culturally diverse classroom requires innovative pedagogical approaches, flexibility of teaching style and a care with language beyond what is normal in a culturally homogeneous educational environment if all members of the student cohort are to achieve at the optimum level.
The Centre for Learning and Teaching will assist in encouraging and enabling faculty to enhance levels of student engagement through effective teaching. This includes interdisciplinary and other approaches that introduce students to current developments within their chosen fields of study, enhances their study techniques, advances their academic skills, amplifies their powers of critical analysis, cultivates their creativity and entrepreneurship, acquaints them with global perspectives, and provides them with the skills that allow them to prosper in Richmond’s international and multi-cultural context and eventually the world.