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Ms Siân Williams Lund

Adjunct Assistant Professor of English for Academic Purposes

Ms Siân Williams Lund

Ms Siân Williams Lund

I have been teaching in language related contexts since 1990 in a number of countries including China, Denmark and France. I have been teaching academic writing in 4 UK universities since 2001 as well as bringing up a young family. During this time I have been an active member of professional interest groups and actively participated in conferences and seminars. In the last 15 years I have coordinated many courses, mentored new colleagues and recently successfully led a course through external re-accreditation.

Faculty Research

Lund, S. 2014 Organisation of symposium- Internationalisation and Acculturation at Kingston university:

Lund, S. (2014) What is the legal limit? To what extent can EAP tutors advise on the content of legal studies assignments? At BALEAP PIM: Authenticity in EAP, Leeds University, 15.03.2014
Lund, S & Williams, R, (2014), Online collaborative writing: testimony of a wiki project and recommendations In: Brookes e-journal of Learning and Teaching
Lund, S. Healey, C., Neilson, S. 2015 “Beyond EAP – towards Intercultural Conversation” a Symposium, BALEAP conference, University of Leicester

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I teach on:
Principles of Academic Writing 3195
EAP 3265 Fundamentals of Academic Communication

Some of the courses I teach:
ARW 3195 – Principles Of Academic Writing
EAP 3265 – Fundamentals of Academic Communication

Research Interest & Expertise:
I have been involved in genre analysis projects for writing across the curriculum for various disciplines, most recently undergraduate and post graduate Law studies and Business undergraduate programmes. Another area of research has focussed on the use of technology in the classroom: using VLE tools to develop collaborative learning skills.
I have a long-standing interest in Language and Culture from a language revival study (Welsh Language) to language planning (Mandarin Chinese). More recently this interest has developed within the context of UK universities and internationalisation. I organised a symposium and am continuing to work on acculturation within the context of internationalisation in the UK: how international (and home) students integrate into an academic community. There is often a misconception that international students need to adapt and ‘catch up’ in order to succeed in a new university without considering the wider social and psychological changes which are needed from all parties. This also stems from an interest in Psycholinguistics.