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Ian Stone

Dr Ian Stone

Adjunct Associate Professor

I am a historian who specialises in medieval history and the history of London. I was awarded my BA and MA degrees by King”s College London, where I also studied for my doctoral thesis. I held a Junior Research Fellowship at the Institute of Historical Research in London, too, where I am now a Research Associate.

I have taught courses in medieval history, the history of London and Latin – both in the UK and abroad. I love spending time in libraries and at archives and regularly publish my research in peer-reviewed academic titles, magazines and online.

If I”ve not got my head in a book, you”ll probably find me at the cricket.

Research Interest and Expertise

My early research focused on historical writing in the towns of medieval Europe, exploring how writers in European cities constructed civic identities and wrote municipal history in the years 1100-1300, the period of the greatest urbanization in Europe since the time of Rome. Very much in the vanguard of this new movement was the thirteenth-century alderman of London, Arnold fitz Thedmar (1201-74), who produced the first secular, civic chronicle written in the British Isles. I am currently preparing an edition of Arnold”s book for publication.

I am also writing a book on the history of the Worshipful Company of Masons, one of London”s oldest livery companies, ranked thirtieth in order of precedence. This research project into the history of the Company, and of the masons themselves, will be a comprehensive history both of the Company and of the practice of building in stone in England, from its introduction by the Romans to the present day.

Publications – monographs:

A Box in an Attic: The Lost Story of Pte William Hoare, 10th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers,” September 2018.

The Book of Arnold fitz Thedmar“. Proposal accepted by the general editors of the Oxford Medieval Texts series.

The Worshipful Company of Masons: A History“. Under contract for submission in spring 2020.

Publications – peer-reviewed journal articles:

“Connections and Collaborations between Centres of Historical Writing in Thirteenth-Century London and Southwark”, Mediaeval Studies 79 (2017), pp. 205-47.

Arnold Fitz Thedmar: Identity, Politics and the City of London in the Thirteenth Century“, The London Journal, vol. 40, No. 2 (Jul., 2015), pp. 106-122. This article won the 2015 Curriers” Company London History Essay Prize.

The Rebel Barons of 1264 and the Commune of London: An Oath of Mutual Aid“, English Historical Review, vol. 129, No. 536 (Feb., 2014), pp. 1-18.

Publications – chapters in edited volumes:

“Writing History in Medieval European Towns”, in Thirteenth-Century England XVII: Proceedings of the Cambridge Conference 2017, eds. A. Spencer & C. Watkins (Woodbridge, forthcoming 2019).

Publications – resources:

“Walter Hervey, mayor of London”, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

“Arnold fitz Thedmar”, Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle.

“Southwark Annals”, Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle.

Andrew Bukerel, merchant and mayor of London“, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Publications – other:

“The Commune of the City”, The London Magazine, June-July 2018.

London 1264: from Magna Carta to Montfort”s Parliament“, The History of Parliament Project.

Some of the courses I teach:

HST 5705: The Vikings