Dr Kandida Purnell

Dr Kandida Purnell

Assistant Professor of International Relations

Some of the courses I teach:

INR4100: Introduction to International Relations
DEV5200: Research Methods and Practices

Dr Kandida Purnell is an International Relations (IR) and Security Studies expert with seven years of in-class and online University teaching experience. Currently working as Assistant Professor of International Relations at Richmond, The American International University in London, Kandida has previously fulfilled the roles of Lecturer in International Relations (Security) at City, University of London and Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen. Kandida gained a PhD in IR within Aberdeen’sInterdisciplinary Approaches to Violence programme under the joint supervision of Professor Marysia Zalewski  (Gender Studies/IR), Dr Andrea Teti (Political Theory/IR), and Dr Andrew McKinnon (Sociology). Since then, Kandida’s research has advanced IR-Security Studies by interrogating how discourses, practices, and performances of violence, conflict, and (in)security work to (dis/re/)assemble and move bodies and how bodies may act in turn to (dis/re/)assemble regimes, structures, and logics of violence, conflict, and (in)security.

Within the current REF cycle, Kandida has so far published in International Political Sociology (2018)Critical Studies on Security (2018)Alternatives: Global, Local, Political (2015), has an article forthcoming in Critical Military Studies (2020)and has a monograph ‘Re-thinking the Body in Global Politics: Bodies, Body Politics, Bodies Politic‘ forthcoming (2020) with Routledge’s Interventionsseries. Kandida also currently has a co-authored book under review with Edinburgh University Press (Advances in Critical Military Studies series).

Having worked collaboratively with PI Dr Natasha Danilova on the Carnegie funded ‘War Commemoration, Military Culture, and Identity Politics in Scotland’ project between 2016 and 2018, Kandida’s current solo-research project investigates Bringing Bodies Back: Repatriation, War Performance, and the Global War on Terror and was invited to the British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship award’s second stage this year (2019).


  1. Purnell, K. 2018, ‘Grieving, Valuing and Viewing Differently: The Global War on Terror’s American Toll‘, International Political Sociology, 12(2): 156-171. Impact Factor: 1.923.
  2. Purnell, K. and Danilova, N. 2018, ‘Dancing at the Frontline: Rosie Kay’s 5SOLDIERS De-Realises and Re-Secures the Global War on Terror’, Critical Studies on Security, Vol. 6(3): 370-375.
  3. Purnell, K. 2015, ‘Body Politics and Boundary Work Nobodies on Hunger Strike at Guantánamo (2013–2015)‘, Alternatives: Global, Local, Political, Vol.39 (4): 271-286.
  4. Bird, J, Lawton, K and Purnell, K. 2010, ‘Green and Decent Jobs: The case for local action’, Institute for Public Policy Research.


  1. Purnell, K. Forthcoming 2020 (Under Contract/Manuscript Submission Deadline: 01/09/20). Rethinking the Body in Global Politics: Bodies, Body Politics, Bodies Politics, Routledge (Interventions Series).
  2. Danilova, N. and Purnell, K. ‘The ‘Museumification’ of the Scottish Soldier and the Meaning Making of Britain’s Wars’, Critical Military Studies.

Under Review

  1. Danilova, N, Purnell, K, Dolan, E. Land of the Brave: Military Culture and Identity Politics in Scotland, Edinburgh University Press Advances in Critical Military Studies

Publications Pipeline

  1. Articles for Submission
    • Purnell, K and Danilova, N. (Submitting September 2019) ‘Army/Artist Engagement and the Performance of War in Public: Army@Fringe and the Familiar/Familial Embodiment of the Military’, Review of International Studies.
    • Purnell, K. (Submitting December 2019) ‘“A Groundbreaking Resurrection”: Public Performance, Choreographed Conflict, and the Global War on Terror’, Theory, Culture, Society. Impact Factor: 1.702.
    • Purnell, K. (Submitting May 2020) ‘Bringing Bodies Back and (Ac/)Counting in Conflict: Comparing British and American Repatriation Politics during the Global War on Terror’, International Studies Quarterly Impact Factor: 1.943

    Books for Submission

    • Purnell, K. (Submitting 2020) Bringing Bodies Back: The British and American politics of Repatriation and War Performance during the Global War on Terror. Target publisher: Rowman and Littlefield, Series: Creative Interventions in Global Politics (eds. Choi. S, Masters. C, Parashar, and Zalewski. M).
    • Purnell, K and Danilova, N. (Submitting 2021) ‘War Dance: Army/Artist Collaboration and the Politics of Performing the Global War on Terror’, Publisher tbd.

    Book Chapters for Submission

    • Purnell, K. ‘Becoming Bodies’ in eds. Wilcox, L and Shinko, R. ‘Embodying International Relations’, Publisher tbd.
    • Purnell, K. ‘Dead Soldiers’ in eds. Auchter, J and Hendershot, C. ‘The Global Dead’, Publisher tbd.

Public Engagement

  • ‘Rethinking the Body in Global Politics’Symbolic Objects in Contentious Politics BISA eventUniversity of Aberdeen: Invited Speaker;
  • Terrorism in the UK’, European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) UK, King’s College, University of Aberdeen, Oct 2017: Invited Panelist;
  • The Scottish Warrior’, Festival of Social Science, Gordon Highlanders’ Museum, Nov 2017: Chair;
  • Bodies, Body Politics, Bodies Politics’, Talk for University of Aberdeen’s Politics and International Relations Society (PIRSOC), Sept 2018, Invited Speaker.
  • Guest Blogger, Duck of Minerva (2016-2017):Recent Blog posts:

National & International Conference Participation

  • International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Conference: 2013-2020;
  • ISA North East Annual Conference: 2012, 2014, 2016;
  • British International Studies Association (BISA) Annual Conference: 2016, 2019;
  • European International Studies Association (EISA) Pan European Conference: 2015, 2016;
  • EISA Workshops in International Studies: 2014, 2017;
  • Millennium Annual Conference: 2012, 2016, 2018.

Conference Participation

  • ‘”Life–or something like it?”’, Roundtable organized by Auchter, J,  ISA Annual Conference, Honolulu 2020 (tbc).
  • ‘Affect, Feminism, and Embodied World Politics’, Discussant,  ISA Annual Convention, Honolulu, June 2020 (tbc).
  • ‘“A Groundbreaking Resurrection”Public Performance and Choreographed Conflict via 1418NOW’, BISA Annual Conference, London, June 2019.
  • Army@Fringe and the Performance of War in Public’, EISA Annual Conference, Prague, Sept 2018;
  • Global Security: Noticing, under-noticing, un-noticed’, 2016 BISA Annual Conference, Edinburgh, June 2016;
  • American bodies, American boundaries: Visibility, invisibility and dead American soldier-bodies’, EISA Annual Conference, Giardini – Naxos, Sicily, Sept 2015;
  • Dead soldier-bodies and/in international relations’, ISA Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, US,  Feb 2015;
  • Dead Bodies and Boundary Work: An Investigation into the American Politics of Dead Soldier-Bodies’, Junior Scholar Symposium, ISA Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, March 2014;
  • Body/Border’, ISA North East Conference, Baltimore, US, Nov 2012;
  • Bare life and the possibility to resist’, ‘Politics and Knowledge’, Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice, University of Nottingham, UK, Jan 2010.
  •  ‘Diffusing, confusing or transfusing gender? The paradoxical politics and practices of the international diffusion (or otherwise) of gender’,  ISA Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, US, April 2013.
  • Violated boundaries and bodies that move: The hungry bodies of Bahía de Guantánamo’, On violence, Re-Thinking Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zadar, Croatia, Sept 2013;
  • Inhumane tendencies and the politics of life and death itself: What can bodies do?’ EWIS, Gediz University, Izmir, Turkey, May 2014.

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