Dr. Caleb Turner (FHEA)

Dr. Caleb Turner (FHEA)

Assistant Professor of Film Studies


Some of the courses I teach:

COM 5205 – Cultural Theory
FLM 4200 – Introduction to Film Studies
FLM 4205 – Film in the Americas
FLM 4210 – Introduction to Filmmaking
FLM 5200 – Mainstream Cinema – Genre Studies
FLM 5410 – Gender in Film
FLM 5415 – Superhero Cinema
FLM 5420 – Postapocalyptic Worlds
FLM 6220 – Documentary Theory and Production
FLM 6230 – International Cinema

Caleb joined the School of Communications, Arts and Social Sciences at Richmond University in 2018. Holding a PhD (2016), MA (2008) and BA (2007) in Film Studies from University of Kent, his thesis specialises in Contemporary Superhero Cinema: exploring how American cultural values are expressed, challenged and reconciled through the rhythmic action and visceral kinesis generated in the spectacular storytelling of these popular film and television franchises. His research interests include: Superheroes, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Dystopias and Post-Apocalyptic Worlds, Horror and Action-Adventure Cinema.

Having published articles, presented research papers, given public cinema talks, and participated in discussion panels with industry figures on the superhero-action film – and now currently working on a monograph – he will be teaching this collected research material on a course that specialises in Superhero Cinema. Caleb also teaches on film courses that include: Introduction to Film Studies, Mainstream Cinema – Genre Studies, International Cinema, and Cultural Theory, discussing topics such as: Hollywood Genres, History and Industry; Auteurship; Documentary; Animation; European Art Cinema, National Cinema and Film Movements; Post-colonialism; Identity Politics; Feminism and other key aspects of film theory, history and critical analysis, as well as essential debates across the discipline of cultural studies.

Caleb also teaches on the introductory practical filmmaking course, and acts as the Academic Advisor for the Film Production Society. He is organising a ‘London Film Series’, currently working on a series of ‘edutainment’ Video Essays that explore popular film, and too regularly invites industry figures to deliver guest lectures for our students (the most recent being a talk given by the President of Sony International Pictures as well as VFX specialists at Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm).

Caleb is an active member of the Research Centre for International Visual Arts and Cultures (IVAC), Deputy Chair for the Research Policy Committee (RPC), a member of Marketing and Recruitment Committee and currently organising a new research network to engage academics, industry professionals and fan communities in exploring the ‘superhero cultural zeitgeist’ together.

Caleb is also Programme Convenor of a new industry-focused MA Film: Science Fiction and Fantasy programme.

  • The Third Superhero Project hosted in Essen, Germany. The conference marks the beginning of exciting new possibilities to legitimise and expand the subject of Superhero Studies