Professor Marios Konstantinidis

Professor Marios Konstantinidis

Associate Professor


Marios is a graduate in Economics from Towson State University of Maryland and he also holds a Masters of Finance from the University of Baltimore, an MBA from Imperial College London, and a PGCTHE from Oxford-Brookes University. In addition, Marios is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

He has worked for a period of 20 years in various finance related positions specializing in emerging market economies. He started out as an Equities Trader with Capital Securities and ABN Amro Bank SA, and then as a Fund Manager with New Millenium SA. In 2005, he moved into commercial banking specializing in Balance Sheet, Project, and Real Estate financing.

Since 2015, Marios has joined a number of Universities around Europe, teaching business courses in Corporate Finance, Management Strategy, Entrepreneurship and International Negotiations at Queen’s University (Canada), the Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia), and the University College of Estate Management (Reading, UK). In addition, he also serves as a strategic and financial management consultant undertaking project work with firms operating in emerging economy environments.