Dr Ana Oliveira

Dr Ana Oliveira

Dr Ana Oliveira

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean, School of Liberal Arts

Completed undergraduate studies in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Porto. MSc from Oxford University followed by a PhD at Imperial College in Nonlinear Dynamics and Neural Networks. In 1998 joined the University College of London for a post-doc in the centre for Nonlinear Dynamics where I also taught the MSc of Nonlinear Dynamics.

After years of doing research and teaching I started a career in Management Consulting in McKinsey & Co, followed by 6 years in retail banking both in the US and UK. In 2008 I came back to academia and started teaching Mathematics at RAIUL.

Dabir-Alai, P. and Oliveira, A. (2017). Adding Value by degree: a case study. Int. J. Education Economics and Development 8(1), pp. 78-84.

Oliveira, A. (2017) ‘…’. Review of Happiness Explained: What Human Flourishing is and What We Can Do to Promote it, by Paul Anand. Int. J. Happiness and Development 3(4), pp. 384-391.

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I teach on:
Business & Economics, General Education

Some of the courses I teach:
MTH 3000 – Fundamentals of Mathematics
MTH 3111 – Functions and Applications
MTH 4110 – Calculus with Applications
MTH 4120 – Probability & Statistics I