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Wellbeing ClusterThe main purpose of this centre is to encourage discussion and debate on all matters relating to wellbeing research. A particular interest of the centre is the dissemination and discussion of issues relating to relationships between wellbeing and the economic condition

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Education and Wellbeing – Call for Papers

Event Date: June 24th 2016, 10am to 3:30pm

Location: Richmond University, Kensington Campus, Asa Briggs Hall, W8 5EH

Keynote Speaker: Peter Grant, former International Director at DFID

The workshop is organised by the Wellbeing Research Cluster at Richmond University and provides an opportunity for participants to explore the role education plays in promoting wellbeing around the world. The relationship between education and wellbeing is relevant to both developing nations and advanced economies. The workshop will explore a range of issues including sociocultural, economic, technological, gender-related, political and other issues in the context of Sustainable Development Goals in developing nations and social mobility in advanced economies.

Papers are sought on a variety of topics that cover the effects of education on wellbeing, and how it impacts on education, health, social welfare, race and gender equality, social networks, employment and other relevant issues. The workshop will also aim to explore: What is the relationship between education and wellbeing? Who is affected? How is education offered? How is education funded?

Papers covering the above, and related areas are invited. Please send abstracts to any one of the following members of the University’s Research Cluster. Request for support for travel costs of up to £75 will be considered. Deadline for abstracts is Tuesday March 1st 2016.

Research Cluster Members: Dr Parviz Dabir-Alai (dabirp@richmond.ac.uk), Dr Sabine Spangenberg (spanges@richmond.ac.uk), Dr David Munyinyi (munyind@richmond.ac.uk), Nastaran Norouzi (nastaran.norouzi@richmond.ac.uk)

Abstracts and any other enquiries should be directed to any of the above mentioned members of the Research Cluster.  For updates to the above please visit http://www.wellbeingcreates.org

As part of the activities of the School of Business & Economics’ Wellbeing Research Cluster a round-table discussion on the general theme of migration has been arranged for Friday June 5th on the University’s Richmond campus (Lycett Room). The session will aim to address (through discussion rather than individual presentation of papers) a number of themes of wider interest, some of which have made headline news both nationally and internationally in recent weeks.

Program starts at 1000 and expected to end by around 1230.

The following non-exhaustive list of topics will feature:

1.       Migration (political and neoclassical motivations)

2.       Variations in migration patterns and links to climate change.

3.       The political and economic need for measuring migration flows, and

4.       Issues of data accuracy.

If you wish to attend please let Jacqui Ryan know (ryanj@richmond.ac.uk)

6 June 2014, Richmond University hosted a workshop with the theme of ‘development and wellbeing’.

Keynote address: Peter Grant (former Head of International Department at DFID)

Papers by: Robert Read (Lancaster), Nick Wilkinson (Richmond), Mike Keating (Richmond), Ali Shamsavari (Kingston), Sabine Spangenberg (Richmond), Tamara Trafton (Quest), Bruce Sheppy (Richmond).

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