The Centre for International Visual Arts and Cultures’ (IVAC) Research Centre at Richmond University provides a framework for bringing together researchers, scholars and practitioners engaged with visual imagery and associated cultures in the broadest sense, across disciplines. IVAC’s mission is to explore the plurality of visual arts and cultures in all their aspects, from production, history, theory, media and practice to dissemination, impact, public engagement and potential futures. One of IVAC’s main objectives is to organise research and scholarly initiatives of international significance including at least one annual conference and two visiting professorships, the one a leading scholar, the other a leading professional, as well as public lectures, exhibitions, seminars and film screenings.

The IVAC Research Centre is closely affiliated with the University’s MA in Art History and Visual Culture, MA in Visual Arts Management and Curating, and BA in Art History and Visual Culture.

Students enrolled on these programmes and alumni are automatically members of IVAC as junior research colleagues. IVAC offers continuing support for alumni in their professional development including networking and guest lecture opportunities.

The Centre for International Visual Arts and Cultures (IVAC) is led by Professor Robert J Wallis.

IVAC in the News

Full-Time faculty:

Adjunct Faculty:

  • Rose Davey
  • Mr Tom Flynn
  • Mr Sam Hepworth
  • Ms Serena Katt
  • Dr Piola Massarotto
  • Dr. Ali McGilp
  • Dr Deborah Schultz
  • Dr Fred Vermorel
  • Aislinn White
  • Anne Lotter
  • Ms Rahana Zaman
  • Dr. Max Carocci
  • Dr. Elea Himmelsbach

Visiting Professors:

  • Barry Curtis, Royal College of Art
  • Dr. Anne Massey, Independent Scholar
  • Eszter Steirhoffer, Design Museum
  • Gaia Trussardi, Trussardi Foundation
  • Nicholas Sinclair, Nicholas Sinclair Photography