Dr Luke Cooper

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Dr Luke Cooper

Assistant Professor of International History

Luke Cooper

Luke Cooper

Having completed his Ph.D. in International Relations at the University of Sussex in July 2013, Dr. Cooper joined the full time faculty at Richmond in August 2013. He holds an MSc in Comparative Politics (Research) from the London School of Economics (2007 – 2008) and completed his undergraduate degree in Political Studies at the University of Leeds (2004 – 2007). He is the Convenor of the International Relations and International Development programmes at Richmond. You can follow him on twitter @lukecooper100.

Faculty Research

* Cooper, L., “The international relations of the ‘imagined community’: Explaining the late nineteenth-century genesis of the Chinese nation” (iFirst 2014) Review of International Studies.

* Cooper, L., 2013, “Can contingency be ‘internalised’ into the bounds of theory? Critical realism, the philosophy of internal relations, and the solution of ‘uneven and combined development’” Cambridge Review of International Affairs (volume 26, issue 3).

Book reviews

* Cooper, L., “Book review: Smith, A., A., 2014 The Oxford handbook of the history of communism” in Cambridge Review of International Affairs (iFirst 2014).

* Cooper, L., forthcoming, “Book review: Joseph, J., 2012 The Social in the Global; Social Theory, Governmentality and Global Politics” in The Journal of Critical Realism.

Co-authored books

* Cooper, L. and Hardy, S., 2013, Beyond Capitalism? The Future of Radical Politics, Zero Books: Winchester, UK and Washington, US

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I teach on:
BA International Relations
BA History
MA International Relations

Some of the courses I teach:
INR 7101 – International Relations Theory Concepts
INR 6200 – International Relations Theory
INR 6205 – International Political Economy
INR 4105 – Evolution of International Systems
PLT 3105 – Comparative Political Systems

Research Clusters:
Research Cluster for the Study of the State, Power and Globalisation

Research Interest & Expertise:
Dr. Cooper has a broad range of research interests, spanning historical sociology, international history, international theory, and international political economy, with a specific concern for historical materialist approaches within these fields. His empirical research is currently focused on the relationship between China and the international system through the ‘long nineteenth’ and ‘short twentieth’ centuries.

He has presented papers at a number of national and international conferences, including the International Studies Association, British International Studies Association, British Sociological Association, and Historical Materialism. He is also a member of the British International Studies Association (BISA), the BISA Workgroup on Historical Sociology and International Relations, the BISA Workgroup on Political Economy, the European Association for Chinese Studies, the British Sociological Association (BSA), and the Workgroup on Uneven and Combined Development.