Entry Requirements


We welcome  applications from the

  • Those how have graduated from high school and are over 18 at the time they join the programme
  • Current university undergraduate students
  • University Graduates

To apply for the Summer School you must provide evidence of your academic standing

  • completed high school or equivalent we require your High School Diploma or IB or your A Level results if you are a UK student
  • If you are about to graduate from high school we require your High School Transcript and/or Certificate
  • If you are a current university student we require your current university transcript
  • If you are not a current student we require your last academic record
  • Please note: evidence must be either the original or an official certified copy


IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 for 5000 Level Classes
IELTS 5.5  or TOEFL 72 for 4000 Level Classes
Please note that we accept a wide range of English Language Qualifications. Please contact us for further details