Entrance Counselling and Exit Counselling

Direct Loan Entrance Counselling

Each time you borrow a federal loan at Richmond University, you must complete an online entrance counselling session on the Federal Student Aid (FSA) website. Even if you have completed entrance counselling at a previous school, you must still do another entrance counselling session for each federal loan intended for study at Richmond University. In order to initiate your loan application, please complete entrance counselling and ensure that you print a screenshot of your entrance counselling completion certificate. This should then be included in your direct loan application pack. Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counselling Here

Direct Loan Exit Counselling

If you have borrowed a direct loan in order to study at Richmond University and you graduate, withdraw or cease to attend for any other reason, you must complete a Direct Loan Exit Counselling session. Exit counselling is a mandatory requirement and failure to complete exit counselling may lead to sanctions. The exit session is designed to make you aware of your repayment responsibilities, familiarise you with your loan servicer, give you examples of repayment schedules and answer any questions you may have regarding your loan(s). Complete Direct Loan Exit Counselling Here