Empires, Corporations and the Second Scramble for Africa

Dom Alessio, Professor of History and Vice President of International Programmes, has just published with his long-term academic partner, Professor Wes Renfro (Associate Dean of Social Sciences at Quinnipiac University in the USA), a new work examining corporate imperialism.

The article is part of their big project examining definitions of empire.

For this piece they take the case of Daewoo, a multinational corporation operating out of South Korea, and its attempt at land grabbing in Madagascar.  They discuss this case study as part of a long history of business ventures operating as imperial powers stretching all the way back to the Dutch East India Company.

The article, entitled Empires, Corporations and the Second Scramble for Africa is published in The Journal of World History: 09_WHC_18_3_Alessio.pdf (uillinois.edu), an open access journal.