Embedding SDGs (UN Compact Goals) into Corporate Sustainability practice


If you’d like to learn more about sustainability, please join a free training session which is organised by Richmond American University London on Friday 21 April –  11.30am – 12.30pm at the University’s Chiswick Park campus (Classroom 1, Building 12, Chiswick Park, London W4 5AN) as well as offered online.

Entitled, ‘Embedding SDGs (UN Compact Goals) into Corporate Sustainability Practice’, this session is the third in the series of training events run by Richmond Business School.

The session will be led by Inma Ramos, Associate Professor in Management, Business and Law, who has been teaching corporate sustainability for the past five years and is sustainability-accredited by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

The Sustainability Development Goals, or SDGs, are aspirational long-term targets set by the UN Compact in 2015 which are aimed at improving our world, laying out collectively where we need to go and how to get there. They involve a multitude of players, from countries and international organisations to businesses and NGOs.

Embedding SDGs into corporate strategy and policies in a tangible manner is a challenge for Boards and managers.

This session aims to bridge the aspirational nature of SDGs with a practical approach of how to incorporate them within organisations in a measurable and tangible manner.

Please click here to book your place if attending in-person. Places are limited for this session and refreshments will be available, please book early if you would like to attend in-person.

If you are attending online, you can join with this link.