Election 2020: Student Bryan explains how to vote from Abroad


Hello, my name is Bryan. I’m an American student living here in London.

This is an important time of year for us Americans because it’s voting season!

Every four years we vote in a presidential election. While November 3rd is the official election day, many have chosen to vote early. For those living abroad, we have to send our votes early. Americans living outside of the United States still have the right to vote, but the process can seem daunting if you haven’t done it before. If eligible, you must of course be registered and will then need to request your absentee ballot. It is recommended that you do this each calendar year.

Depending on the state, you may return your ballot by mail, email, or fax. I have previously volunteered with Vote from Abroad and look forward to doing so again once it is safe. This is a nonpartisan organisation that assists Americans overseas in registering to vote. You can use the vote from abroad website to register and find important information on how to vote overseas. (Check the link out below!)

Getting registered was easy for me. When visiting the US, I stopped by my local election office to confirm my information. (They were very nice!) Voter engagement this year has felt unprecedented, especially among young voters. This has brought about many positive (though, some negative) conversations regarding the election. I believe it is important to recognize the influx of misinformation online. You should always research topics and vet sources to receive the most accurate information. No less, I find it exciting to see younger groups getting more involved in politics and voting alike!

Links to find information and request your absentee ballot: