“Drastic times, drastic measures!”

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all staying well and safe!

My final exams finished yesterday which was such a relief, I had 5 exams and two 4000 word essays all due in the same week…I’m surprised I managed it but at least it’s done now! Now that the university year is over, I’ll be going into my final year in September. I’ve arranged a zoom call with my dissertation advisor so that over the next few weeks I can make a start on my senior project.

It’s weird to think that a year ago today I was having dinner at Nobu and how different everything is now, but my family and I are staying positive. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and doing boxing workouts every day with my sister, but I won’t lie my dad did buy us 8 Easter eggs. Easter weekend was a bit sad because I was supposed to be going on a cruise to Belgium, but I’ve been planning some more trips for when this is over, and I could’ve lost more than a holiday. Here’s a picture of me during study abroad, hopefully things will be better soon!

To keep occupied I’ve been clearing out old stuff with my mum and we’ve been finding so many designer handbags that I’ve made money selling. We found Gucci’s, Louis’ and Dior ones from before my mum got married. I would really recommend using Depop, it’s an easy way to recycle your things and give them a new home! Throughout the day I stay positive by Meditating, following live yoga sessions, baking and doing some of my beauty treatments at home. I miss going to salons, so I bought a home gel manicure kit, DIY lash extensions and IPL hair removal. I’m just lucky my mums a hairdresser otherwise I’d probably be cutting my own hair too! My mum used to own her own hairdressing salon in Piccadilly Circus, so at least I haven’t been left with a dodgy fringe.

I’ve also been taking some online classes in film distribution and screen writing to help prepare for my internship. I want to do some more courses in photography as well to increase my skills, may as well put my fancy canon camera to use while I’m home.

Speak to you all soon, stay safe!

Until next time,
-Zara x