Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson spoke at the “Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise in a Multi-cultural World” conference organised by the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD), on 17th November, at the University of East London

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson highlighted the importance, to an audience of academics and practitioners in the fields of entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social marketing, and emerging markets, of creating powerful brands and constructing emotional and interactive branding and social media strategies. He argued that in these fields often these areas are overlooked and under resourced, at times because they are perceived as being too corporate, or less important than achieving the objectives core to the cause. However, this in his view is a mistake, in a world where individuals are converging, communicating, and collaborating around mobile devices – where branding and social media intelligence are critical success factors, that allow people to engage with large audiences, empower stakeholders, and build trust.