Dr. Eunice Goes presents at PSA Annual Conference

Dr. Eunice Goes presented a paper “The Labour Party Under Ed Miliband: Trying But Failing to Renew Social Democracy” at the PSA 66th Annual Conference that takes place in Brighton. Drawing on historical institutionalism, and in particular on Peter A. Hall’s criteria to assess the success of ideas, the paper argues that the Labour Party under Ed Miliband tried to re-imagine social democracy by, but was only marginally successful in that enterprise. In truth, Labour’s 2015 electoral manifesto lacked clarity, definition and was less than the sum of its parts. This lack of definition and clarity was one of the several reasons why Milibandism was so overwhelmingly rejected by voters last May.

The paper is based in research conducted for Dr. Goes’s forthcoming book The Labour Party Under Ed Miliband: Trying but Failing to Renew Social Democracy, Manchester University Press, 2016 (April 2016).