Dr Colin Howley

Dr Colin Howley presents new research paper

Dr Colin Howley, associate professor of English and Communications, recently presented a new research paper, ‘The Tour de France and Documentary Film,’ which examines filmic representations of the world’s largest annual sporting event in relation to critical ideas about sport, identity and culture within both national and global contexts. The paper is part of an ongoing research project examining the cultural work of sport in documentary film in the twentieth and twenty-first century.

The paper was presented at the 4th Global Conference of The Sport Project: Probing the Boundaries: Space, Place and Sport held at Mansfield College, Oxford, and will soon be published as an e-book chapter by Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Dr Howley was appointed as a co-editor for the conference e-book and will also be an editorial advisor on film, literature and media for the new academic journal Sport: Probing the Boundaries to will be launched in 2016.