Dr. Caleb Turner presents at The Superhero Project: Fourth Global Meeting

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The Fourth Superhero Project hosted in Essen, Germany was another great success this year, being a smoothly organised and fluid hybrid of live and online presentations that were fully safe and suitably socially distanced. Yet again, delegates from across Europe generated an incredibly rich array of papers, covering so many fascinating and diverse aspects of the superhero genre.

Dr. Turner’s paper explored the mythological significance of the heroic team up, proposing that a new kind of ‘multilateral monomyth’ has been driving the narrative impetus of superhero cinema over the past decade: as a clash of ‘competitive’ versus ‘cooperative’ heroism. September 10-12 in 2021 will be the fifth year for the conference, marking a milestone event, with several new exciting research projects currently in the pipeline.

Watch this space! Official Conference information can be found here.