Dissertation time!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone’s final exams went well. As I’m only doing my Senior Project, I didn’t have any exams. I’ve finished more than half of my dissertation and I’m spending the two-week break writing the rest. In November, I’ll be starting Country Risk Analysis so I’m trying to complete as much of my project before then. I’ve found it helps me to plan out my weekly schedules and allocate specific chapters of my dissertation to different days. Setting targets helps to maintain progress and assess when drafts will be ready. A couple of days ago, I was filling in my graduation application and checking my grades. When I was on self-service, I realised I was given the Dean’s List Award last term as my GPA was higher than 3.5. I was really happy as I took 6 classes last term which was so stressful.

My birthday was last weekend which was really fun. I went to Gaucho with my friends; our table overlooked Tower Bridge, so we had a lovely view. I also went to Circolo Popolare with my family which was really pretty. Although Essex was included in the Tier 2 restrictions, my particular borough of it wasn’t so I can still make plans; but I’m mostly concentrating on my dissertation anyway. I’m not going to be coming to Richmond for my November class, but I’ll be there sometimes for my library assistant shifts.

This weekend, I’m going to a pumpkin patch near Stansted Airport as my sister wants to carve pumpkins for Halloween. When the Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes came out my sister and I went to get some (I know how basic of us) and we very quickly spilt both of them in her car…word of advice: don’t try to fit two drinks in the Fiat 500 cupholders. Now I feel like I’ve seen enough pumpkins to last a lifetime.

I hope you’re all doing well and have some nice plans over the break, even if it’s quarantining to get ready for classes. A year ago, today I took a helicopter ride over the Orlando theme parks and the year before that I visited an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka; needless to say, I’d rather be doing that than my dissertation!

Until next time,