Disbursement dates and direct loan funds 2017/18

Disbursement dates

Direct loan funds are subject to multiple disbursements in equal amounts. Undergraduate students will have two disbursements (covering two semesters of teaching and examinations) and postgraduate students will have three disbursements, covering two semesters of teaching and one semester of research (writing up the dissertation). The disbursement dates are as follows:

  • 3 October 2016
  • 6 February 2017
  • 5 June 2017 (for postgraduate students starting in September only)

* Subsequent disbursements will only be released subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Receipt of loan funds

Please note that all loan funds are disbursed directly to Richmond University  and are only available to you after enrolment.  Upon receipt of Direct Loan funds from the US Department of Education, they are placed in your student account on, or just after, the above dates.  Any outstanding tuition fees will be deducted  and any available GBP credit balance will be returned to you (to a UK bank account) within 14 days* only after tuition is paid. You will therefore not have immediate access to your loan funds when you arrive in the UK so you will need to prepare for this by bringing sufficient money with you to cover your expenses for the first two to three weeks after enrolment.

*Please note that University is required by federal regulations to disburse credit balance funds to students within 14 days. If it has not been possible to disburse your credit balance within the required time frame due to any unforeseen delay, the University will return funds allocated to you to the US Department of Education unless you provide the University with written permission to retain funds after your enrolment.

You will be notified when each loan disbursement is requested and of your right to cancel. You have 14 days to change/cancel any expected loan disbursements. After this period has expired, you will be responsible for returning any disbursed unwanted funds to either the US Department of Education or t you loan servicer.