Developing A ‘Whole-University Approach’ to Wellbeing for Richmond

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A commitment to improving support for staff and student mental health

Richmond American University London is launching its work to attain the Student Minds’ Mental Health Charter, an accreditation that recognises universities who champion positive wellbeing amongst the whole community.

Published in 2019, the Charter Framework provides a set of principles developed from prominent research and the best standards of support across higher education. Staff, faculty, and students across Richmond will be joining hands to develop our ‘whole-University approach’ to mental health, a core aspect of the Framework.

Dr Alex Harden-Way, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, said:

Our affirmative, inclusive community is central to Richmond’s identity so we’re delighted to further develop our wellbeing support through Student Minds’ programme. Building on the team’s great work, especially that of our new Health and Wellbeing Officer, the Programme’s tried-and-tested framework will help us make the most of our opportunities to support good wellbeing for all.  We’re very excited to have this chance to work with everyone across the University so please do tell us about your experiences, share your ideas, and get involved.