Designing a globalised curriculum post-Covid

Professor Mary Robert and Associate Professor Hamad Khan at Richmond were both speakers and panellists at a conference held recently at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Entitled Faculty Leadership In the Changing Landscape of Global Education: Modalities and Curricular Design, the conference was aimed at discussing best practices in engaging faculty for participation in global learning as well as how a globalised curriculum that focuses on social justice, innovation, and global education can fit the needs of a diverse student population.

In the introduction to the conference, Goucher College highlighted how recent events have helped shape global education:

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused large-scale damage to the field of global education, it has also offered senior international officers (SIOs) and their institutions the opportunity to explore new and innovative curricular modalities with faculty and staff that serve as an enhancement to the traditional mobility-focused efforts and that contribute to an institution’s larger internationalisation efforts.