Could you be a content creator?

Now more than ever, it’s vital to have fresh, engaging content for any brand and the University is no exception!  This is where we need your help.  We would like to showcase the best of the Richmond community with content which is created for young people, by young people.

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, if you would be interested in becoming a Content Creator for the University and adding this title to your CV, the Marketing and Student Affairs teams would love to hear from you. Here are some ideas for how you can get involved:

  • Blogs and vlogs – you could provide a one-off or series of blogs or vlogs about your experience of studying at Richmond.  Or share your experience of service learning and how you’re planning to help the local community.  Here’s an example of a blog which is featured on the website and social media.
  • Instagram takeover – take part in an Instagram takeover with the Student Affairs or Marketing team to help promote an initiative, such as Wellbeing Week.
  • Influencers – if you are a social media influencer already and would like to extend your skills at university, or if you would like to be an influencer, get in touch.
  • TikTok – help us create awareness for initiatives like online open days by making TikTok ads which embrace the creativity of the platform and capitalise on TikTok trends
  • Internship or study abroad – share the experience of a lifetime such as an internship or studying abroad through social media with other students

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email our Marketing team, letting us know why you are interested in taking part and what kind of content you’d like to cover.  A small payment is available for providing material as a Content Creator, contact us for more information.