‘Coronacrisis’ blog post published by Richmond Professor

Dr Kandida Purnell, Assistant Professor of International Relations at Richmond, has recently had a blog post published on website The Disorder of Things.com, a group blog devoted to the critical inquiry of global politics, written by academics working in the field of International Relations.

Dr Purnell’s blog, entitled ‘The Body Politics of COVID-19’ is part of a special series on ‘coronacrisis’ which is currently being featured by the website.  Dr Purnell’s blog ‘uses’ the Covid-19 pandemic and responses to it as a way into and forward for the study of body politics within International Relations and beyond.

Dr Kandida Purnell is an International Relations and Security Studies expert with eight years of in-class and online University teaching experience in the UK and US systems. Having previously published on the body politics of aspects of the Global War on Terror, war commemoration, and army/artist collaboration, Dr Purnell is currently finalising her monograph Rethinking the Body in Global Politics (Forthcoming 2020, Routledge Interventions). Dr Purnell is also continuing to collaborate with Natasha Danilova and Emma Dolan on the Carnegie-funded ‘War Commemoration, Military Culture, and Identity Politics in Scotland’ project while her solo research into Bringing Bodies Back: Repatriation and War Performance within Forever War is ongoing.