Competitive Political Victimhood explored in lectures by Richmond professor

Dr Noga Glucksam, Assistant Professor in International Relations at Richmond, recently presented two new research papers at the annual meeting of the European International Studies Associations in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The first paper, presented in a panel on critical legal studies, entitled, “The Politicisation of Contested Justice”, dealt with the phenomenon of contestation in global justice. The paper discussed novel theoretical ideas as well as empirical and practical implications, including transitional justice policies, in the examination of the international criminal court, in social justice movements and more.

The second paper, “Competitive political victimhood: exploring the co-constitution of righteousness and insecurity”, examined the relationship between the politics of victimhood which seems to be on the rise and the challenges of bridging gaps around many policies of security and justice. This project takes on a more critical-theoretical approach and challenges the audience’s understanding of absolute values and their own political beliefs.

Both papers received strong support as well as audience interest and opened opportunities for collaboration and ideas exchange with colleges from across Europe and around the world.

Dr Glucksam also presented recently a combination of both papers in her public lecture at Richmond on Competitive Political Victimhood as part of Richmond’s State, Power and Globalisation Research Centre.