Celebrating my 21st!

Hey guys, here’s my third update! Not too much has happened since my last post because we had midterm exams so I’ve been really busy studying, classes are so much harder here than they are at Richmond. Most of the tests I take are multiple choice because the classes are so big that the teachers don’t have time to grade individual papers. On the weekends I’ve mostly been going to the pool and sports games. Like I mentioned in my last post, there’s a girl who goes to UNF but is coming to Richmond next term, and we planned a trip to St Augustine last weekend. It is the oldest city in the US and it is so pretty! As seen in the photo, I got some Ben & Jerries while I was there and I can confirm that the American ice cream flavours are so much better than the English ones!

UNF is always holding events for us to go to (with the best free food) such as on October 3rd they played Mean Girls at the amphitheater. At the call center that I work at, we finished the project we were working on so now I don’t have any shifts for at least the next two weeks, which is good because next week I won’t really be on campus anyway. My boyfriend from Richmond arrives on Friday and for the week we are going to visit the Universal and Disney parks!

The biggest update that I have to write about is my 21st birthday! We had a lot of birthday celebrations and I went to an Oktoberfest event held at the beach. There was music, food trucks and it was a really fun weekend. It ended with a trip to Daily’s, my new favorite coffee place because this month they’re giving away free frappuccino’s to UNF students.

Right now, I’m just catching up on all my work and studying for midterms but looking forward to the week ahead!

Until next time,

-Zara x