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First, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where were you born and what country do you now call home? 

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What are your ambitions in life? 

What about your habits online? What social media channels do you use? 

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How did you first hear about Richmond University?

What is it that remains most clear in your mind when you think of Richmond or your experiences there now?

What were your first impressions when you visited or first started?

Did you consider any other Universities? If so, which ones and why. What made you choose Richmond over these?

Can you share any of your learnings and breakthroughs or personal transformation that you experienced at Richmond?

How would you describe the experience to a friend?

What do you like best about Richmond?

What would you change or improve if you could?

How has or is Richmond preparing you for your future career prospects or to fulfil your life ambitions?

Has Richmond lived up to your expectations? Would you recommend it to others? If so, what would you say?

Can you sum up Richmond in a few words or a sentence?

Did you know what Liberal arts was before you started at Richmond?

How would you describe liberal arts to someone that doesn't know what it is?

Have you done an internship? If so, where was it and can you describe the experience and what you gained from it?