Careers & Internships

Careers & Internships

What is an internship?

Richmond internships are supervised, career-related work experiences, combined with reflective academic study that help students apply theoretical knowledge in the workplace. They are full-time, academically-accredited work placements carried out over an 8/9 week period, and worth 6 academic credits.

Benefits of doing an internship

An internship provides students with exposure to the demands of specific jobs in specific sectors and allows students to learn from professionals in their chosen field. The practical skills and experience that students gain by carrying out an internship not only provide a taste of what it would be like to work in a given sector, but it also greatly increases a student’s employability in an ever-competitive job market.  As a student on Richmond’s Internship Programme, you will have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in the workplace, make contacts which may prove valuable to your future employment prospects, and gain confidence in your capabilities, creativity and communication skills – all while gaining 6 academic credits that will count towards your Degree.

Who is eligible for the Internship Programme?

The Internship Programme is open to Junior (year 3) and Senior (year 4) degree students of any discipline who meet the following requirements:

  • 60 completed credit hours at the time of application
  • GPA of 3.0 for students with 60 completed hours; GPA of 2.75 for students with 75 completed hours
  • Exceptions: for Psychology majors a GPA of 3.2 is always required; GPA of 3.0 for Finance and Policy majors
  • 2 strong academic references

Final acceptance onto the programme is at the discretion of the Head of the Internship Programme.

The academic component

In addition to successfully completing a work placement, students must complete a number of academic assignments.  These include: a weekly learning journal, an internship portfolio, and a presentation. To assist with these, each student is assigned a member of faculty, whose role it is to mentor and support the student during their time on the programme, as well as grade their academic coursework.  As with all academic courses offered at the university, a fee for the Internship Programme applies.

Mission Statement

The Careers & Internships Office supports and empowers current students and alumni in their pursuit of opportunities spanning employment, self-employment, academia, volunteering and internships.

The Office aims to facilitate a wide range of activities and resources in an efficient and effective manner, utilizing both personable face-to-face support as well as advanced online platforms. In addition, the Office shall build on the accessible, proactive and innovative reputation of the wider Student Affairs department.

How to apply for Undergraduate Internships in UK and abroad

Through internships you will gain business acumen, beneficial work experiences and transferable skills which will give you a competitive advantage in a fast-paced working environment. Work while you study across 5 continents through our partners Connect123 and CRCC Asia with destinations in Spain, Argentina, South Africa, China, Japan, Vietnam and Australia.

How to apply for Postgraduate Internships in the UK only

If you are a Master’s student, we encourage you to apply for an Internship while you are studying as it will increase your employability after graduation. Due to the intensity and relatively short duration of our Master’s programme of one year full-time, you can only do your Internship in the UK. Our dedicated Internship team will provide you with full support in your application.

For further information, Please email:

Cecile Loyen
International Internship Coordinator

Location & Operating Hours

The Careers & Internships Office is located at Atlantic House in our Kensington Campus, Central London.
Open hours: Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm GMT.

Activities & Resources

At Richmond, students cannot only excel academically but look beyond their time at university by developing a strong foundation to progress into and through the world of work. The Careers & Internships Office makes available a unique combination of opportunities and assistance for students to acquire and develop a broad range of skills and quantifiable achievements relevant to their individual career aspirations.

The Richmond Leadership Academy

The Richmond Leadership Academy (RLA) is co-curricular umbrella organisation founded to promote student leadership and increase employability skills for students at the University. The RLA works in partnership with the academic programme to enhance the student experience. It offers the ‘Richmond University Leadership’ certificate for the Leadership Programme. Its programme is also part of the ‘Richmond University Leadership and Global Citizenship Honours Programme’ which includes the academy’s programme, an additional Global Citizenship programme and special honours classes for students with high GPAs.

The RLA offers:
-seminars & workshops
-interactive web-based resources
-access to campus leadership roles including mentoring & tutoring
-opportunities to volunteer locally
-links to work experience & internships
-opportunities to study and intern abroad
-access to industry experts
-advice and guidance the University’s world-wide alumni network

Here are just a few of the opportunities at the fingertips of our students:

Face-to-face support & advice CV & cover letter workshops Transferable skills development
Global citizenship Mentorships Talks with industry leaders
Internships Immigration advice Links to our alumni network

Current students and alumni are encouraged take advantage of these resources by heading to our Careers Portal via the link below.

Recent Guest Speakers

Dr. Jody Joy, Senior Curator (Archaeology), Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Dr. Jody Joy, Senior Curator (Archaeology), Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Dr. Joy spoke at the University in Spring 2017.

Will Gore

Will Gore, Deputy Managing Editor at the Evening Standard/Independent

Mr. Gore spoke at the University in Spring 2017.

Hamish Pringle

Hamish Pringle, Advertising Guru & Author

Mr. Pringle spoke at the University in Spring 2017.


In particular, our for-credit internship programme enables students to gain academic credit whilst gaining a practical insight into employment. The Careers & Internships Office supports students in securing placements both at home and abroad. The Office works with international partners to offer structured programmes in Argentina, China, South Africa, Italy, Spain and Ireland. In addition, students can secure placements on their own but the internship placement must be approved by the Internship Office in advance in order to gain academic credit.




Cape Town, South Africa

Barcelona, Spain

Dublin, Ireland

The Careers & Internships Office is also able to provide advice and support for students aiming to undertake a not-for-credit internship.

Recent internships secured by the Office in collaboration with the students themselves include: Proud Galleries, Modus Publicity, Solace Women’s Aid, British Youth Council, Original Travel, Zest Media, SEO London, KCW Today, Professors without Borders and IHS Markit.

Global Citizenship

The University’s focus on encouraging students to be truly global citizens flows through their degree-seeking journey, from structured service learning to informal volunteer placements. The Careers & Internships Office, and the University as a whole, aims to support, enable and inspire our students to take a positive, active role within global society. Click the button below to find out more about our Global Citizenship programme.

Membership Organisations

The University is a member of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) and the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU).

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For further information, Please email:

Cecile Loyen
International Internship Coordinator

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