‘Brilliant experience’ for Richmond student at Cambridge University


It’s time for another in our ‘Summer Spotlight’ mini series where we are showcasing the experiences of some of our students over the summer.

Today we hear from Elisabeth Joyce, from Harrow in London, who is studying BA Psychology at Richmond and is due to graduate in December this year, aiming to go on to do a Masters in Psychology. Here Elisabeth shares her recent internship experience.

“This summer I have had the opportunity to intern at Cambridge University as a research assistant within the Cognition and Brain Sciences unit.

I have been assisting on a PhD project designed to further understanding of non-verbal autism. During my time as an intern I got to develop an assessment instrument to be used in the study.

Despite predominantly working online from home I was fortunate enough to visit Cambridge on several occasions, exploring the lab and participating in group discussions.

This internship has been a brilliant experience and has taught me much about the demands of research, excel spreadsheets and the resilience required for postgraduate study.”