Brexit debate: Britain at the crossroads

The Brexit debate organized by the Wellbeing Research Cluster on June 15th was attended by a large group of students, alumni, staff and faculty. The four faculty involved, all from Richmond Business School, pressed on with their arguments for and against Brexit.

 Professor Wilkinson argued that the threat of international terrorism posed the greatest threat if Britain votes to Remain. Dr Cohen emphasized, amongst other things, the trade and social consequences associated with a vote to Leave. Professor Ramos, on the other hand, was more interested in the institutional and legal aspects and argued passionately for a vote to Remain. Dr Dabir-Alai made the point that Remain camp were using a strategy of fear to convince the electorate to vote as they want them to. He argued that risk and uncertainty are a necessary part of modern life and the vote to Leave should not concern itself with these issues.

 Professor Spangenberg held the warring sides well apart through a skillful combination of tact and wisdom.

 As the session ended the participants revealed their real, as opposed to adopted, positions with some members of the audience claiming that they knew all along. The panelists beg to differ!

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