BREXIT is coming … 12 months to go

Bad news has a habit of arriving with relentless frequency. Is BREXIT, and all that goes with it, an example of bad news? Some would say the UK is heading for a cliff-edge type disaster of unprecedented magnitude; others maintain that the future could not be brighter and that all will be well. Can the issues be put as starkly as this, or can we find some compromises that will keep all happy and content with the onrushing future that awaits us? Hard information on the UK’s position is difficult to come by but the government has promised to come clean soon.

In order to explore some of the above issues, the Wellbeing Research Centre is inviting you to a thematic Panel Discussion starting at 16:45 on March 14th 2018, on the University’s Kensington campus (Upper Dining Hall/Atlantic House). The session will be introduced by Dr. Dabir-Alai and chaired by Professor Spangenberg.

Speakers and their themes:

  • “Financial Consequences: The Impact of BREXIT on The City” – Dr. Ivan Cohen (Richmond University)

Under this heading Dr Cohen will explore some of the likely scenarios that could emerge post-March 2019 and offer an assessment of their consequences.

  • “Should I stay or should I go? – An insight into the dilemmas that UK businesses face” – Professor Inma Ramos (Richmond University)

Professor Ramos will explore and comment on some of the opportunities available to UK businesses faced with the decision to either maintain their operations within the UK or to relocate to mainland EU.

  •  BREXIT and the Arts: The importance of a Creative Society” – Professor Charlotte Bonham-Carter

(Central Saint Martins)
Professor Bonham-Carter maintains that the arts are aligned to tolerance, liberal values and increasingly, to wellbeing. The impact of BREXIT on the cultural life of the UK will undoubtedly be profound. This presentation will explore the impact of BREXIT on the arts, but also, the possible impact of the arts on BREXIT.  

The above event is sponsored by the Wellbeing Research Centre at the University. For details of this and some of our previous and future activities please visit