Book on developmentalism by Associate Professor at Richmond is short-listed for prestigious award

A major achievement has been announced for Dr Christopher Wylde, Associate Professor of International Relations at Richmond, whose book Emerging Markets and the State: Developmentalism in the 21st Century has made the short-list for the BISA (British International Studies Association) International Political Economy Group (IPEG) Annual Book Prize.

BISA awards a number of annual prizes which recognise excellence and achievements through research and teaching in the field of International Studies.

Dr Wylde’s book, through an analysis of case studies in Argentina and Malaysia, sets out to understand the form and function of contemporary states seeking to guide and cajole markets in the hope of stimulating economic growth and generating robust development outcomes.

In Dr Wylde’s book, which is one of five to be short-listed for the Prize, his analysis reveals that, contrary to much of the literature espousing the ‘end of the state’, the role of the state in the 21st century development process continues to be of pivotal importance.

The winner of the Award will be announced at the IPEG Annual Conference in October.