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Blog published on leading higher education website

‘The perils of studying far-right extremism must be surmounted’

To support the launch of our new MA in Terrorism, Security and Radical Right Extremism, a blog has been posted recently by Times Higher Education written by Dr William Allchorn, from the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR), who are partnering with the University on this programme.

Dr Allchorn’s blog explores the challenges presented by studying and teaching far-right extremism, which is one of the top security concerns for governments on a global scale, with estimates of a three-fold increase in recent years (Global Terrorism Index).

This new Masters programme, which will be available from Fall 2021, has been developed by Richmond in partnership with CARR, the leading network of scholars and practitioners working on right-wing extremism.  It is the UK’s first MA specifically focused on training the next generation of security professionals, researchers and journalists in the practical security issues associated with this form of extremism.

In his blog, Dr Allchorn outlines how, with this new MA, “We hope to equip the next generation of practitioners and researchers to tread this line between sensitivity and boldness, making a real difference to our societal understanding and physical security around this issue without inflaming it further.”