‘Between Nations, Across Seas’ – Richmond Professor Keynote Speaker at International Conference

Dr Dominic Alessio, Professor of History and Vice President of International Programmes at Richmond American University London, will be a keynote speaker at a five-day international conference being held later this year.

‘Between Nations / Across Seas: The Transnational and Transcultural Pacific’, is the 27th annual conference of the New Zealand Studies Association (NZSA), being held together with Stockholm University and the University of Turku in Stockholm in Sweden and Turku in Finland, from 26 – 30 June 2023.

Dr Alessio, who is currently working on a project examining theories of empire, will be speaking about the role of a non-state agent, namely the UN, in supporting Indonesia’s takeover of West Papua.

The New Zealand Studies Association has a long and strong history in promoting New Zealand Studies, which now extends within the region through its twice-yearly Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies. Dr Alessio, for many years, was Vice Chair of this organisation.