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Becoming a Global Communicator – A “Must Know”

Ours is a complex world and these our complex times. Intercultural Communications (COM 203) explores the all-important topic of becoming a global communicator – a “Must Know” course at Richmond.

Never before has there been such a strong imperative for all of us to understand not only those with a background similar to our own but, even more importantly, those who culturally identity differs from our own. Conflict based on political or religious difference, the growth of international business, increased global communication, inequities of access to communication, the plethora of written and visual material assaulting us on a daily basis, make this a fascinating field of study. Reflecting strongly the mission of the University, the course provides the theoretical and practical foundation for the degree in Communications. It provides students with a strong sense of their own complex cultural identities before moving on to teach them the theories underlying the study of International Communication. The course provides opportunity for practical applications of these theories in the form of case studies. Simulations and group project work. For additional information on this course or enrolling at Richmond, please contact your academic advisor or e-mail us at