Back on Campus!


I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe during this second lockdown.

We just had our first in person lecture on the 5th of November and yes, it was also on the first day of the second nationwide lockdown. I found it so surreal that I was walking through a somewhat empty high street in London during rush hour. It was my first time going to the Kensington campus and so I had to get there earlier to go through the health checks and pick up my university ID. Seeing the rest of my course mates and my lecturers in person for the first time was so exciting! The seminars were limited to only half of our actual class and required a lot of discussion amongst small groups. I really do enjoy these in person seminars and luckily we have two of them on Thursdays. I really hope that we could go back to normal in the near future so that I can experience more classes and get through more interesting discussions with my peers.

After going to these lectures in person, it actually encouraged me to participate even more in online lectures. Since we are in this lockdown and social interaction is limited to those you live with, I would take any chance just to talk to anyone outside of my current household and doing so, to an extent, gives me a sense of normalcy. I really enjoy the breakout rooms during our lectures and the content we’re learning so far is really interesting. We’re currently doing two MBA modules: Managing Organizations & People and Economics Analysis for Managers. We were also just introduced to our first assignments for both modules and assigned to our groups for one of them.

I’m really thankful for the friends I’ve made on this course so far and for the friends and family who have been checking up on me during this second lockdown. Make sure you all check in on your friends – or even those you don’t really speak to that often! The smallest “hello” and “how are you doing” can really change someone’s day.

We still have a couple more weeks to go until lockdown is over. So in the meantime, I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping in touch with all their friends and family (digitally).