Athens > London

Hello dear fellow students,

I hope you all are safe and healthy. I decided to write this post in order to share my experience with you and inform you about the situation in the UK right now if you are thinking of coming to London.

I came back on Saturday, after a year in Greece. To be honest, I missed a lot of things here, even my home, but mostly central London. Although, I have to stay at home for 10 days. Let’s get this from the beginning. I took two planes from Greece, because there was no plane from my hometown, so I had to go to Athens first. My flights were really good, and I had no problem with the airports or the airline. When we arrived in the UK, that’s when the trouble began.

I don’t know if it’s because of Brexit or Covid-19 restrictions, or both, but we all waited for more than an hour in order to be checked. The staff checked out passports, covid tests, passenger location form and applications for covid test in UK. It is better to be safe than reckless, but the airport could have more staff so that they can help more people and not have to wait for hours. Most of the people who travelled were students, just like me.

After I got checked at the borders, I tried to go home as quick as possible. The things I had to do were just too many. Cleaning, shopping, and in the end relaxing. The next day my Covid test came, with instructions on how to do it, and I was informed over the phone about the new rules of quarantine and testing. So I did the first test on Sunday, and I will do the next one in a few days. After that I will try to see as much of London as possible, before going back to Greece, and I hope I will be back for my graduation.

I hope you all take good care of yourselves, sing, dance and do whatever you want at home.

Just be happy!