Mr Dennis de Caires

Artist’s Residency at Alice Yard, Trinidad

dennis de caires a tree in the savannahDennis de Caires has recently completed a successful Artist’s Residency at Alice Yard in Trinidad.  Alice Yard was established in Port Of Spain ten years ago and – as a space for creative experiment, collaboration, and improvisation – has a deserved regional and international reputation for the range of its programming and the breadth of its social and research impact.

De Caires used the walls of the Box Gallery at Alice Yard to create a monochromatic painting A Tree In The Savannah in which he explored the particular enclosed nature of the gallery space and the openness of the savannah at the very heart of Port Of Spain.  The Residency also included a public evening session for a wide-ranging discussion that included the wall-painting itself but also extended to current approaches and policies of museums and galleries in the region.