Art History and Visual Culture MA Student Successfully Completes Internship at South London Gallery

A core component of the MA in Art History and Visual Culture programme is a 9-week internship carried out over the summer months. Coming towards the end of their MA studies, students tell us that the internship provides them with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge they have gained during their time at Richmond. Students are placed with a wide range of leading cultural institutions depending on their personal interests. Last week Madison Martin, one of the students on the Art History and Visual Culture Programme successfully completed her internship at South London Gallery.

During her time with the South London Gallery, Madison has gained an insight into the wide range of activities that happen every day to ensure a public gallery runs smoothly, and exhibitions are curated and installed successfully. As she comes to the end of her time at South London Gallery she reflects on her experience and what she has learnt along the way:

“What I like about working for the programmes department is that everyone is

working together for one goal. All of the little pieces have to be complete before the one major thing can come together. So everything that I have been doing has been a little piece for the whole. As of lately everyone has been working together for Thomas Hirschhorn’s exhibition opening today. So there is high stress, but I kind of like it because it will come together and everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong. So right now it is impossible to see that the opening is going to happen tonight but at the same time we know it is coming one way or another. The only thing we can do is all work together to make everything look as best as possible.”

For Madison this internship confirmed to her that she is well suited to working in a public gallery environment.

“I have accomplished confidence in knowing what I want to do with my future.

I want to work with art that sparks conversation, change’s people opinions, art that is controversial. I want to be working with art and artists who will one day be in art history books and something that people talked about or raved about and will write there theses on. I think that is so exciting and what I am doing here at South London Gallery, and what the SLG is doing is that kind of art.”

Richmond has worked with South London Gallery over the last number of years, and has successfully placed a number of students with the gallery. As Madison moves on, another student from Richmond is due to start her internship with the gallery this week. 

Further details about the MA in Arts History and Visual Culture Programme and how to apply for this programme.