Art History and Visual Culture MA Student secures prestigious internship at Guggenheim, New York


A core component of the MA in Art History and Visual Culture programme is a 9-week internship carried out over the summer months. Coming towards the end of their MA studies, students tell us that the internship provides them with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge they have gained during their time at Richmond. Students are placed with a wide range of leading cultural institutions depending on their personal interests. One of this years students, Irati Arrieta has recently completed an internship with The Arts Catalyst, were she gained valuable art commissioning and management skills and will now go on to take up a placement with Guggenheim, New York. Irati commented:

“During my nine weeks with The Arts Catalyst I have exercised a very wide range of skills at work, such as researching for future projects, making contracts for the artists, creating risk assessment documents and press releases, organising information into neat spreadsheets, or getting in touch with local groups in order to promote the events. But aside from exercising a long list of transferrable skills, I have also gained a wide perspective on how an art commissioning organisation works, how they develop their projects and how their vision of future influences the work they do at the present.

Picture2I can say that this has been a successful internship experience in that it has given me the chance to have a fist hand engagement with the daily activities of an arts commissioning organisation, through which I have developed a highly valuable skillset and an equally important critical awareness on how the art industry works. Through the many different projects I have had the opportunity to collaborate with, I have acquired a wide vision of the steps, processes and contacts required to go ahead with a publicly funded art project, as well as the prior research needed and the media and marketing infrastructure through which it is publicised to the public”


Wrecked! on the Intertidal zone: A Series of Investigations into the Thames Estuary. Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst. Photo Credit: Irati Arrieta

With glowing endorsements from her summer placement, and a strong academic record Irati has successfully secured a highly competitive, and prestigious graduate internship at Guggenheim, New York, which she will begin in September 2015.

“I see the internship at Guggenheim New York as an excellent opportunity to continue learning about the contemporary art world in one of its leading institutions, while consolidating the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired so far and expanding my work experience in a world class museum. I think that having an international work and academic experience has been quite decisive for achieving such a placement, and studying an MA in Art History and Visual Culture in a global art hub such as London makes a great difference, at both a personal and professional level”

Art History and Visual Culture Programme Convenor, Professor Robert Wallis commented:

“We are delighted for Irati, during her time at Richmond she has shown a real dedication to her studies, and demonstrated a flair for Art History and Visual Culture across a range of courses including Contemporary Art and Professional Practice. Irati joins a long line of Richmond graduates who have taken up positions at key international museums and galleries including The Saatchi Gallery and The Metropolitan Museum of Art”

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