An Ideological History of Fascism

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This is your invitation to join Professor Matthew Feldman, Center for the Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR), on Wednesday 7 April at 12.00pm (BST) for a fascinating exploration of the Ideological History of Fascism. The event is being organised by Richmond’s Center for the Study of the State, Power & Globalisation.

The story of fascism, or rather its birth after WWI, is familiar enough from documentaries and books on the Axis. But that is only part of the story. The nationalist regimes in Italy and Germany can also distort our understanding of fascism. Seen from a centennial perspective, namely that of Mussolini, the first Fascist who successfully marched on Rome in October 1922 and then unveiled totalitarian rule in Italy in 1925, fascism today looks less like history than current affairs. But is it? This talk tries to address these questions by telling a narrative history of fascist ideology.

Professor Matthew Feldman, Center for the Analysis of the Radical Right, is a specialist on fascist ideology and the far-right in Europe and the USA. He has written widely on these subjects, for both academic and general audiences. He has long researched the interaction between politics and faith in the modern world, and has taught these subjects for some two decades to school, undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is a Visiting Professor at Richmond, the American University in London, having previously held fellowships at the universities of Bergen (Norway), Birmingham and Oxford (thrice). He is an editor of Wiley-Blackwell’s online journal, Compass: Modern Ideologies and Faith, and co-edits two academic book series Bloomsbury Publishers, Modernist Archives and Historicizing Modernism.

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