American expat reveals six things that make the UK better than the US

An American man who lives in the UK has delighted fans by sharing reasons he prefers living in Wolverhampton to Miami – including Gregg’s Yum Yums and Ribena.

Nick Alexander, who goes by Mr Miami on TikTok, is originally from Florida but moved to the UK to study.

Mr Miami’s top reasons the UK is better than the US include:

  1. Greggs, and their Yum Yums
  2. You won’t get shot or a ticket for jaywalking
  3. B&M
  4. The NHS
  5. Ribena
  6. Indian food

The influencer has racked up nearly 100,000 followers TikTok, and another 4,000 on Instagram for posting about his love of the UK, and noticing the differences between daily life in the West Midlands and the Sunshine State.

Some of his followers suggested other things Nick should try, including Sensations crisps, Vimto, fish and chips, Irn Bru and Galaxy chocolate.