Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

The Department of Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance

The Department of Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance (DAAQA) is dedicated to the assurance and enhancement of the quality of the University’s learning, teaching and provision. It works to ensure that the academic policies and procedures of the University are in accordance with the expectations of Richmond’s accreditation bodies, and that these policies are procedures are articulated clearly for all members of the University community. Its aim is to work with faculty, staff, and students in supporting the provision of the best possible educational experience at the University. Academic Advising and Registry Services operate within Academic Affairs.

Quality Manual 2017-2018

SP17 University Organisational Chart

Committees and Schools 2017-2018

Conduct of Moderation and Examination Meetings and Boards

Registry Services

Registry Services is dedicated to helping Richmond’s students to achieve their academic goals within the established academic policies and procedures of the University.

The main responsibilities of Registry Services are:

  • Monitoring student academic standing and compliance with academic policies
  • Administering registration, add/drop, withdrawal from courses and from the university
  • Maintaining accurate official student records
  • Grade and transcript processing
  • Transfer credit evaluation and approval
  • Course and exam scheduling
  • Administration of mid-term assessments, final examinations and resits
  • Overseeing the delivery of the academic advising programme
  • Diploma preparation, distribution and replacement

Registry Services aims to ensure that students follow their degree programme, register for required courses in the degree, and fulfill their graduation requirements in time for their planned completion date.

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Our Staff

Dr M. Clare Loughlin-Chow, Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Robertson, Dean of Quality Assurance

Stephanie Parr, Head of Registry Services

Luke Merritt, Senior Systems Officer

Pragya Rai, Examinations Officer

Andy May-Heggie – Transcript and Progression Administrator

Chelsea Pompadur – Coordinator of Academic Advising

Will Mant, Registration and Progression Officer