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Government Grants & Loans

Undergraduate Financial Assistance

United States Government Loans

US citizens are eligible for Federal Stafford and PLUS loans.

These loans cover between 30% and 100% of the Richmond tuition fees. To apply you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In the US you can also call 1-8004FED AID to request a form. The US Department of Education number for Richmond, The American International University in London is G10594.

Current federal legislation prohibits US citizens enrolled in a college outside the United States from receiving Pell Grants, SEOG, Perkins Loans and Federal Work Study funds even though they may be eligible for such assistance. The exception to this is a visiting student currently enrolled in a US institution who will be returning to that institution after their semester or year abroad.
Applying for US Federal Loans
Title IV Code of Conduct

Universities participating in the U. S. Department of Education William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Title IV) are required to disclose certain consumer information.
In compliance to this regulation, you are directed to the following information:Title IV Consumer Disclosure Information 2015 and Title IV Code of Conduct

United Kingdom Government Grants and Loans

UK government loans and grants are administered by Student Finance. UK and EU Richmond undergraduate students are normally eligible, via Student Finance England and Wales for a loan of £6,000 p.a. towards tuition fees, while UK students are also normally eligible for a maintenance loan from the same source. Thus UK and EU students will normally have to pay a portion of the tuition fee directly to the University ( £3,000 for Fall 2016/Spring 2017 starters). Our courses are not currently designated for funding purposes by Student Finance Scotland or Student Finance Northern Ireland so students normally resident in Scotland or Northern Ireland will not be eligible to apply for tuition or maintenance loans from Student Finance if they want to study at Richmond University.

Support from Other Governments

You should contact the Ministry of Education in your country for details of assistance for which you may be eligible. Many governments provide support for students studying at Richmond. For example Norwegian citizens are eligible to receive grants from Lånekassen and Swedish citizens are assisted by CSN. The British government has special programs for professionals and graduates via the Chevening Scholarships.

Grants and Scholarships From Outside Organisations

AGBC National Scholarship Programme

Further information

Open4FundingRichmond’s Open4Funding Network allows you to search hundreds of funding options inside and outside of the UK.
Simply CLICK HERE and start your search!

If you need assistance, please see us in the Student Affairs office or contact us at

Additional Financial Assistance (for US citizens):

Student Scholarship Search

Additional Financial Assistance – UK Loan Programs (for non-US citizens):

Student Finance England

International Student Calculator

According to research by The UK Council For International Student Affairs (UKCISA), student finance is the number one concern for international students. Almost a quarter (23%) of them said they didn’t have enough money to live on. Of those who had experienced hardship, 72% said they underestimated the cost of living. Only 25% of students took out possessions insurance, which is concerning as students are often targeted. Also, many have unrealistic expectations of how much time they can spend working.

The International Student Calculator enables students to:

  • Build a lifestyle budget and see how it balances by week, month or over a year.
  • Understand how they will spend their time as well as their money in the UK
  • Get information on areas like insurance and banking as well as guidance on the costs of living
  • Learn from case studies and top tips from other students
  • Save their budget so they can use it before arriving or during their studies!

International Student CalculatorThe International Student Calculator is there to help you plan and manage your money for study in the UK.

The UNIAID Student Life Wiki is an interactive uni guide which allows students to view and edit articles about their town, University, living costs, and much more.

Do get in touch if you require further information, we’d be happy to help:

Which Office of Admissions do I contact?:

If you are currently living/studying in countries outside of the United States:
UK Office of Admissions
The American International University in London
Queens Road
Richmond upon Thames
TW10 6JP, United Kingdom
Tel : +44 (0)20 8332 9000

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If you are currently living/studying within the USA:

Office of Admissions for USA
The American International University in London
343 Congress Street
Suite 3100
Boston, MA 02210-1214 USA
Tel : +1 (617) 450-5617
Fax : +1 (617) 450 5601
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