Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission & Vision

Richmond University’s vision is to be the top liberal arts institution in the UK and Europe.
In order to achieve this we have a mission to educate and inform future generations by providing them with the knowledge and support to think critically, the freedom to challenge assumptions and the skills to work with others.

We are committed to continuously carrying out five key points. Firstly, as an international institution, we are committed to internationalism and diversity in all of our academic endeavours. We commit to excellence in teaching and learning while providing a high calibre student experience. We commit to interdisciplinary research and scholarship for our faculty and staff to pursue their academic passions. We commit to our faculty, staff and students in order to provide the best work and academic environment in order for them to achieve their full potential. Lastly, we commit to engage with local, national and international businesses with the aim of helping to prepare and develop graduates for employability and leadership in the global economy.

Our Values

Richmond University values five key things: Freedom of thought and expression, inclusiveness, diversity, professionalism and integrity, and responsibility.
We believe that it is the purpose of the university to discuss, critique and educate in an open and positive manner. As a university, we aspire to include all people and opinions. We also celebrate the diversity of all members of the Richmond University community. Lastly, we aim to be effective, efficient and ethical in all aspects of our work and we accept that our actions have impact on others, therefore we aim to make a positive difference in the world around us through equitable engagement.

Building an academic partnership in which students and staff work together in pursuit of knowledge, not just as providers and consumers.

Creating an environment of academic enquiry and challenge, where students are encouraged to engage, work with and participate in a vibrant academic community where interdisciplinary teaching and learning is key to the curriculum.

Ensuring dedicated student support so that all students can meet their academic and personal challenges no matter their background or educational need.

Fostering a culture of responsibility, so that students engage with the world around them to take on responsibilities while at University and pursue roles that seek to make a positive contribution after graduation.

Recognising diversity in our population and in ways of thinking, teaching and considering the world. Richmond is committed to living by the motto of ‘Unity in Diversity’ – we aspire to understand, accept and celebrate what makes us different from each other.

Supporting academic research and professional engagement, for its value in innovation and creativity and to inform best practices in teaching and learning.

The Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019

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