As the President and Vice-Chancellor of Richmond, I’d like to wish you a very warm welcome to the University.

We are a University community with a scholarly purpose and a social mission. We welcome students with diverse interests and backgrounds and offer undergraduate education in over 22 subjects and a portfolio of professional postgraduate degrees. We offer a learning culture to support the development of the whole person.

Since being founded in 1972, Richmond has a strong tradition as the UK’s leading American University in London, with its international orientation, strategic location and heritage in liberal arts education. The multi-disciplinary curriculum, commitment to a global orientation, and international exchanges are all beneficial for students and their careers. Our main campus is centred in Richmond, near central London and covers a five acre site originally founded in 1843 as `Richmond College, part of the University of London’. We also have a campus in Kensington in central London as well as in Italy. Our alumni community of over 15,000 come from over 60 countries.

Having been granted recently Taught Degree Awarding Powers by the Privy Council, we have huge appeal as the only university which offers all students both a UK and US accredited degree.

On top of all that, the dedication from our team of Richmond faculty and staff to encourage student success and our own student community in supporting each other makes us special!

My qualifications and career have given me a great understanding of what students both need and want from an international university education. Having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA Hons in History, I went on to receive a Ph.D. in Management and M.Phil. in International Relations from Cambridge University. So I’ve experienced and enjoyed the benefits of an American and British university education, which are combined so well in our offerings and programmes at Richmond.

With a strong foundation, I’m really looking forward to developing even more the Richmond experience for students, working with our community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and close partners, including the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), our University Board of Trustees, and the Cyril Taylor Charitable Foundation.

Lawrence Abeln
Professor Lawrence Abeln
President (Vice Chancellor), Richmond The American International University in London
BA in History, University of Pennsylvania (Phi Beta Kappa)
MPhil in International Relations, University of Cambridge
PhD in Management, University of Cambridge
Rotary Foundation Scholar
Former Director of the MBA Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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