A Licence to Thrill


Richmond’s ‘Bondologist, Dr Martin D. Brown, is in great demand following the release of the latest James Bond film, ‘No Time to Die’.

Dr Brown, who is Associate Professor of International History at Richmond, has had an article published in ERR News, which is the English-language service of Estonian Public Broadcasting. Dr Brown divides his time between the UK and Estonia.

In the article, Dr Brown outlines that, ‘The franchise is not only one of the longest-running in cinema history, it is also a testament to the reach of British soft power, and the influence of the UK’s film industry.’

He continues, ‘Across social media, Britain’s worldwide network of ambassadors and embassies have been busy promoting the film. Brand GB is now inextricably linked to Bond and is marketed as such. Whether you like Bond or not, you’ve heard of him and the country he works for. This connection is a valuable lesson in the long-term benefits of supporting cinema and cultural relations.’

Martin D. Brown has also given this interview to UK news website SWLondoner, and this one to the major Slovak daily Pravda (link in Slovak), in which he talks about Bond’s links to the US as well as the UK.

In addition, Dr Brown appears in two podcasts with Andrej Matišák on the same topic, here (part one) and here (part two).


Photograph: SITA/AP, Nicola Dove