A great memory of London life and hopes for 2021

At the end of October 2019, I had the chance of living a Londoner’s life. I went to the theater. While British people may often go to see a show, I’ve never been to a theater in Greece (except from school trips) and I really wanted to visit a theater in London because I have seen people going there every day, since I moved to the city.

So we went to see a show that I’ve never heard of before, ‘The Man in the White Suit’, which is based on a 1950’s movie. It all started when a friend won two tickets for this show and invited me to go with her. We thought it would be nice to have a day off and to go for a pre-theater dinner, like many people do.

We enjoyed our meal near Soho and then we headed to the theater which was located near Leicester Square. Our seats were in the middle of the theater and our line of vision was good. The play was funny, and we really enjoyed it. The actors were brilliant, they played well and they were very persuasive at their roles. Of course, the play was trying to give a message to the audience as well as entertain us.

We laughed, and we were very happy for this experience. The thing that made us enjoy it mostly, it’s the fact that we both did something for the first time and we both experienced a different side of London life. After the play was over, we had a walk across central London, and we talked about this experience and about the play. That night, we gave a promise to go again to the theater in November or December, but we had no time and then Covid-19 came to our lives, the theaters closed, and so did everything else. Now my friend has moved back to her country and there is no chance that we can go back anytime soon.

In 2021, I wish that I will get the chance to do more of the things I want to do for the first time and maybe I will go back to a theater in London.


Eirini Pantelidou